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Cooperative founded thanks to CoopLiguria Startup

Tweetable description

Tourist services focused on bringing together local customs and sustainability

Cooperative profile

Brigì, a community cooperative located in a rural village of the Liguria Alps, promotes sustainable tourist initiatives aimed at supporting the integrity of local culture and the socio-economic development of the area. The businesses carried out respect the environment, the cultural heritage and traditional values of the area and aim at providing socio-economic benefits for the host community.

The cooperative manages four structures:

  • a hostel in the village historical center (Cà da Cardella), linked to a mountain circuit (Alta Via dei Monti Liguri), an accommodation ideal for hikers but also for families;
  • a leisure park (Parco Avventura), with tree circuits accessible to all whatever their age or experience. Everyone can find the right circuit for his/her level and age (from the yellow suitable for children to the more challenging – the black – reserved for experts) and do it in full safety;
  • a tourism information center (Centro Turismo Escursionistico – CTE Alpi Liguri), that organizes hiking and trekking with an eye to local cultures and traditions. It also offers guided donkey trekking, night tours and, in winter, snowshoeing;
  • a laboratory for educational and recreational activities (Mendatica didattica), that carries out workshops and practical activities in the old mill of the village aimed at school groups.

Target market

The cooperative’s target market is that of sustainable tourism focusing on culture, leisure and sport. Developing this kind of activity, the community cooperative would like also to fulfil the need to revitalize an area subject to depopulation and abandon. The ideal guests might be families, schoolchildren, “slow travelers” but also trekkers and hikers.


The cooperative is made up of thirteen members with diverse educational backgrounds (from engineering to arts) but all fond of the area and experienced in tourism and hiking.


Brigì Cooperativa di Comunità Società Cooperativa – Via S. Bernardo, 11 – 18025 Mendatica (IM)
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]ì cooperativa di comunità