The future of work is ours!

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Lanciata oggi la campagna internazionale “WE OWN IT. The future of work is ours!” promossa da CICOPA l’Organizzazione Internazionale delle cooperative dell’industria e dei servizi dell’Alleanza Internazionale delle Cooperative. La campagna, sostenuta da Coopfond/Coopstartup ha l’obiettivo di ispirare i giovani di tutto il mondo e di avvicinarli ai valori della cooperazione attraverso il racconto di altri giovani, di storie di cooperative under 35 che sono riuscite a creare lavoro e generare valore.
Ecco cosa si legge nel manifesto della campagna: “All around the world young people are getting a bad deal: we don’t have control of our jobs, homes, technology, data or education — because we don’t own them. We are considered as cheap labour to exploit, the target audience for marketing campaigns, and are always the last in the queue.

We won’t take it.

The future is ours. If we come together as a generation, we can build a cooperative economy that works for everyone: with equality, solidarity and sustainability at its heart. To get there, we need to change the way our economy is owned and run. We need an economy in which everyone has a stake — a truly democratic economy that works for the majority, not just the 1%. We need to create good jobs that we are in control of — not low paid jobs that enrich invisible shareholders. How do we get this? Cooperatives.”

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