ERSE: Ecological Research and Services for the Environment


ERSE, Ecological Research and Services for the Environment, is a group of young environmental technicians offering environmental analysis and monitoring services to carry out sustainable land-use planning for both private and public entities.

We met them to understand more.

Where does the idea come from?
Realizing the need to better deal with the environmental issue in Italy, where EU biodiversity conservation policies are not always adopted or applied effectively, we, as young professionals, decided to tackle this problem combining our specific skills to set up a company specialized in monitoring all the physical, chemical and biotic factors surrounding us. The objective being to respond better to the EU environmental directive by spreading the EU standards for better preserving our natural heritage and maintain our biodiversity.

How is the team made up?
We are five members in our thirties.
Filippo, President and General Project Coordinator, Marine Biologist with a PhD in Biology and Environmental Excursion Guide.
Olga, Vice President and European Project Coordinator, Natural Scientist.
Elena, Administrator, Biologist and Environmental Excursion Guide.
Giacomo, Field Technician, Biologist and Environmental Excursion Guide.
Lisa, Diver and Marine Technician, Marine Biologist.

What is your medium/long term goal?
We believe that the environment can be an effective source of employment for young skilled professionals in natural sciences and biology and we would like to be an example for others. More generally, we would like to promote the idea that natural resource preservation and sustainable development can go hand in hand and can positively affect the socio-economic system as a whole.

Why a cooperative?
We believe that sharing ideas and responsibilities is the best way to grow and do business with all members contributing and offering their specific professional and technical skills. The cooperative model responds to our ideal as a group and as professionals who want to share their skills as well as their common vision.

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