Coopstartup Calabria

Project starting date October 2015
Organizing Committee Coopfond, Regione Calabria, Legacoop Liguria
Partners involved Università Magna Grecia di Catanzaro, Unical di Cosenza, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Technest Cosenza, Istituto di Ricerche sociali “Ermanno Gorrieri”, Generazioni Legacoop Calabria, Associazione Aniti, Talent Garden Cosenza srl, Laboratorio da Sud per il Cambiamento
Geographical area involved 1 region: Calabria
Objectives Turning innovative business projects into cooperatives
Preferred business sectors Health and Social care, Agrofood, Green Energy, Ecological Transport, Environment, Social Inclusion, Culture, Tourism
Targets Groups of people (at least three) with an innovative project and  willing to set up a cooperative in Calabria

***The majority of Group members must be under 40 years

Selection criteria General value of the business idea, Kind of innovation, Team/cooperative characteristics, Employment creation, Feasibility
Prizes – online training on business modeling, team building and cooperation open to all participants

– pre-startup support from promoters to 30 groups/cooperatives to improve business plans

– a voucher from promoters for 7 groups/cooperatives to get managerial and administrative services before set up and 36 months after

– a non-repayable loan from Coopfond for 7 cooperatives after set up

Call opening period From 12 January to 21 March 2016
Presentation events 13 with 763 participants
Projects received 168 projects submitted by 406 team members
Number of projects selected for pre-startup support 30 out of 86
Training Online training +Meetings, workshops + classroom courses for a total of 24 hours training
Business plans examined and winner projects 7 winner projects out of 16 examined
Number of Cooperative startups created


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