Coopstartup 2016


Naples, 29th-30th November 2016


Coopstartup is not only a project but it is made up of people, especially young people, coming to Naples from all parts of Italy to speak about their businesses. They are the representatives of the cooperative startups having been set up in these three years in the framework of the different Coopstartup local projects. They come from Liguria (ABAcadabra, Boschi Vivi, Brigì, Demoelà, Ghinghinelli, H2Boat, Tatabox,), Emilia Romagna (Città della Cultura/Cultura della città, Coop@), Marche (Artemista, La Biologica), Toscana (Biofan, Erse), Umbria (Multicoopter Drone), Lazio (Ecoplanner, Fucina delle Arti, Virginia, L’Alveare), Campania (Tobilì, Vascitour) and Puglia (29Nove, Experience).

They were invited to this meeting organized by the promoters of the project in the fascinating venue of Città della Scienza to interact with university experts and senior cooperators and to share ideas and values.  Entering the meeting, participants had the opportunity to know more about these new experiences walking through a poster session describing every cooperative startup: from hydrogen engines to tourism, from theatre to drones, from agro and organic food to urban recovery.

The meeting started with an opening session devoted to Città della Scienza (a challenge between old industrialization and new issues coming from the knowledge economy) and to the main results of the Coopstartup project (8 local projects, 717 projects received, 119 groups selected for pre-startup support, 53 winner projects, 22 cooperative startups created).

Then the cooperative startups were called to the stage and the marathon begun. In two days, they met economists, sociologists, crowdfunding experts, Legacoop exponents, senior cooperators and asked many questions showing enthusiasm and hopefulness but not naivety. Despite their young experience, they showed the typical pragmatism of business people struggling with the everyday problems of a newborn company and in their queries, they covered a lot of strategic issues such as team building, member admittance, skill acquisition, communication, bureaucracy, finance, competition, strategic marketing, cooperative values, etc. The experts and the senior cooperators also played their roles and gave their answers fairly, trying to enter the mood of the fledgling cooperators.

Over the two days, the startuppers received the answers to their questions (sometimes more than one), internal and external experts gave their contribution and the atmosphere was very friendly and interactive. Beyond the formal structure of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to meet the experts and each other even in informal situations, giving significance to the word “connections”, chosen to name the 2016 Coopstartup Meeting, and aimed at linking, bringing together, networking, creating value, sharing ideas, skills, values and projects.

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