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Rome, 22nd October 2014

The objective of the 2014 Coopstartup meeting was twofold: the presentation of the first results of the national project and the dialogue with the world of government, business and research.

It was a dynamic and lively event gathering not only people from Legacoop but also business experts, institutional representatives, researchers and the so-called “innovators”.

The meeting opened with a video summarising the characteristics of the first local projects started in 2014 (CoopMeUp Lazio and Ferrara, Coopstartup Puglia and Coopstartup Farmability) and the progress made in getting the message across to young people. A brief interview with the local project coordinators followed with the active participation of the audience in the discussion of pros and cons of these first experiences.

The second part of the morning session was dedicated to the Coopstartup Guide, a tool for would-be cooperators whose purpose is to outline the different steps to set up a cooperative starting from the idea.  The presentation of the Guide (purpose, target and structure) was followed by a debate with some experts coming from business, credit and incubator organizations. Three questions were dealt with – Why a good idea is not enough to start up a business. Why focusing too much on finance, especially in the first phases, can be misleading. Why innovation does not always only mean technology.

The afternoon session was devoted to a roundtable, an open debate led by a young journalist in which representatives from venture capitalism, government, university, young cooperation, network of innovators tackled the project. They analysed and discussed the characteristics of cooperative startups, their differences from traditional startups and their ability to increase employment, revitalize communities, develop team-building, introduce innovation, obtain government incentives and focus on long-term sustainability.

The meeting brought new ideas to the project and new energy to go ahead.

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